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This blog was created with good intentions...

But you know what they say about the road to hell: it's paved with them.

We, like so many others, have been affected by the pandemic (though, make no mistake, this doesn't excuse our neglect of this blog before 2020... forgive us!) We lost nearly all of our business during 2020, and have mourned with our clients who've had to cancel their weddings-- their meticulously planned dreams, dashed. We've also mourned, deeply, with our country and the world, for the losses of livelihoods and lives.

With the vaccine rolling out, we are hopeful that this year will bring hope and possibility to all of you. Our fingers and toes are crossed for all of us to be able to rebuild our lives; and we wish healing for those who've lost loved ones to this horrible virus and the conditions it has helped create.

In the spirit of new beginnings, with the new year having recently begun, we want to commit to keeping this blog more up to date. It's only a small thing, but small things seem fitting for the small steps we're taking toward achieving some new semblance of normal, and the small joys many of us have taken comfort in during such difficult times.

We wish the best for all of you, this year, and we hope to help more couples celebrate the weddings of their dreams in the near future! Stay safe!

<3Caitlin & Michael

Here's us, finding a little joy in a hike at Wind Wolves Preserve during December, 2020.


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