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A Country Chic Tehachapi Wedding

Last Saturday, we had the privilege of servicing a wedding reception for an amazing young couple at the bride's parents' home in beautiful Tehachapi, California. (By the way, if we could relocate to any place in Kern County, Tehachapi would be the place!) Their decor was country chic, and there were an abundance of farm animals in a separate part of the backyard, including a very talkative turkey who responded to each of Michael's mic checks!

Playing dinner music for the bride, groom, and their guests.

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the lovely view from the side of the Grissoms' property.

The weather was warm, but the mature landscaping in the Grissoms' backyard provided plenty of shade, and once the sun set behind the hills, the cool of evening took over. David and Allison Baker celebrated their union with country music (which transformed into some serious dance music toward the end of the night, all thanks to a single request from one of the bridesmaids), tacos from Vato's Tacos (lucky us!), and they got to share their joy with friends, family, and their lovely daughter, Raelynn.

Michael with the bride and groom.

First dance. Obviously. ;)

There weren't many hiccups, but we did have to adjust our lights' power usage when the dance floor picked up, due to a brief outage. Oops!

Bouquet toss!

Michael, mixing it up for the open floor-- one of our favorite parts of any reception!

Our hosts were gracious and the atmosphere was one of warm regard. There is nothing like celebrating two young people in love, who are taking the biggest leap they'll ever take! Those are the couples and crowds whose gleeful energy we long to cater to and amplify. After the last song, we packed it in and headed back to Bakersfield, tired but uplifted by the event.

Thanks to David and Allison, their families, and their guests for a fantastic evening! We're so glad we were a part of it!

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