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Why A DJ is Better Than A Party Playlist

Let's talk weddings for a moment.

A very common question that is asked of DJ's is, "Can't I just use my [name of electronic device] playlist instead of a DJ?" The short answer is, of course: yes, you can.

But you shouldn't.

I fully understand that budget issues are a common struggle for many couples who are planning their big day. However, let me clue you in on a secret that many of my friends in the wedding industry are going to get very angry at:

If you only have the money to splurge on two things at your wedding, it should be your dress and your DJ.

Honestly, nobody is going to remember the cake, or what the centerpieces looked like, or what favors they threw in the trash after getting back home, or that they got to eat another plate of wedding chicken marsala (or baked salmon-- their choice). What they will remember is how beautiful you looked in that dress and what a fantastic time they had dancing to the brilliant mixes of that amazing DJ.

Additionally, a great wedding DJ (that's me ;) provides you with so much more than just playing music.

To begin with, I coordinate your event! It is my job to keep track of time, making sure that everything happens when and where and with whom it's supposed to.

There's also the issue of equipment. I'm not just talking about 3600 peak watts of speaker output (I know you don't really care so much about that) but, redundancy. Your [name of electronic device] playlist needs speakers to be heard. Also, you'll need microphones for the ceremony, speeches, and toasts, etc.. I come to your event with back-up everything, to ensure that everything goes off without a catastrophic equipment failure.

And how about dance floor lighting? I come with some pretty sweet lights (you want those, trust me;)

Finally, as I said before, I don't just play music. I excel at reading a crowd and mixing prefabricated lists of music with requests nearly flawlessly; This means that if I see your guests' moods dipping because they aren't enjoying the music, I can change the flow of your event and bring the party back to life without much effort. Like a chef whose ingredients are songs, I cook live and in front of you a delectable meal I like to call: The Perfect Wedding Party.

A playlist on shuffle will keep music flowing, but it can't create an atmosphere with lighting, read your guests, or play requests without interruption. A good DJ ensures the comfort and enjoyment of your party by your guests, and that is and will always be the goal I strive to meet.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes!

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