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Pizza + Beer + Music = Perfect Winter Warm-up

Hi, guys! Welcome to our blog! It's been up-and-coming for a while, and we appreciate your patience as we've navigated the holidays and circled 'round this thing before diving into our first blog post.

After weeks of poring over music lists, Shazaming songs everywhere he went, compiling, dissecting, and reassembling his list, mixing and rearranging and mixing again, Michael totally rocked the Bakersfield Pizza + Beer Festival with his set list!

We arrived at the Kern County Museum at 9 o'clock Saturday morning and were pleasantly surprised to find that Brandon from Daredevil Events had not only arranged canopies for the pizza and beer vendors, but had set one up for us, too! (Shout out to you, Brandon! Thanks, dude!) We got to work setting up our table and equipment, checking the sound, and were ready to go by 12:30. Doors were at 1 o'clock. (May I also point out that we happened to be sitting RIGHT NEXT TO the Vatos Tacos truck? OMG, you guys... what lucky ducks we were!)

DJ Michael Mauro, finishing his prep work in the booth before the Bakersfield Pizza + Beer Festival got underway.

Michael's set list was a fine-tuned mix of rock, indie, hip-hop, edm, and 90's dance tunes with a definite flow, but we set out a request jar to see what kind of fun we could have with the crowd. We got some awesome requests (like "Pizza Trap" by Blake Rules... so perfect!) and a few we couldn't field, but Michael incorporated what he could into the set. It was so exciting to watch parts of the crowd come to life at the start of every song, and we appreciated our group of dancers (which swelled and dwindled for the last two hours of the event) who collected in front of our booth!

Our base group of music appreciators really helped to make our day!

We hope to deejay this event and more like it in the future! Here are a few more shots from the festival:

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